01 December 2021

What is a Ventilation Strategy anyway?

What is a Ventilation Strategy anyway?
Many of you will have attended our popular webinar, ‘Ventilation – Myths and Truths’. In fact, it was so popular that we will be running it again soon – so if you missed out, watch this space!

The webinar covered the basics of ventilation. Why we do it, guidance on the steps to take to complete a compliant retrofit project and talked through the many myths and truths circulating on the subject. As the content evolved, various misconceptions were discussed, and one interesting phenomenon was the emergence of the mythical ‘Ventilation Strategy’. But where did this term originate from? And what does it mean?

What is a Ventilation Strategy?
That is a question we have been asking ourselves. The term Ventilation Strategy is discussed at a macro level in Part F of Building Regulations. However, it isn’t a term that fits neatly alongside the requirements of PAS2035 or really means anything in this context.

For PAS2035 Compliance, you need to complete the following:

  • A Ventilation Assessment of the property to determine its adequacy in line with the requirements of PAS2035. Following which, if the ventilation isn’t adequate, you then need to complete a Ventilation Upgrade Plan to either implement as part of the retrofit or, in a limited number of instances (such as the installation of like for like room sealed replacement gas boilers) to recommend improvements to the client that they could either make now or in the future. These would be included within a Medium-Term Plan (MTP).

As our sister company THS Inspection Services Ltd is involved in Technical Monitoring and Quality Assurance, we see lots of Ventilation Strategy documents which fall halfway between an assessment and an upgrade plan. But in actual fact, satisfy neither. Rather they are an attempt to try to justify no action at all when the dwelling has been identified as having inadequate ventilation after retrofit measures have been installed.

Helping you get it right with VENTILATIONcheck
There’s no denying that ventilation requirements can be confusing and that you need competent people to assist you in getting it right, that’s why we launched our VENTILATIONcheck service. As a member you can utilise our free online Ventilation Assessment Tool to assist in determining the adequacy of the ventilation in the property. It’s an easy to use tool that works on any phone, tablet or PC and can be completed in less than 5 minutes, resulting in a certificate that is emailed to your device.

If you need further help in identifying what upgrades are required and assistance in calculating the ventilation calculations for the property, you are then able to request our Ventilation Upgrade Plan delivered through our Silver service. The great news for active RETROFITcheck customers is that it’s now free as part of each RETROFITcheck that you undertake. For others, it is available for a nominal fee. 

Full ventilation design service
Need to go one step further and request a full ventilation design service? No problem. Simply select our Gold service. Or upgrade to Platinum to include full onsite testing and commissioning including Building Regulations notification for mechanical ventilation through our membership of NICEIC’s Competent Persons Scheme.

For Retrofit Assessors, Coordinators and Installers alike, why not try our Ventilation Assessment Tool for free? For more information click here