From commissioning and testing to design, we offer a range of quality ventilation services

Our ventilation check services include;


Ventilation Assessment
A simple to use mobile ready application to check whether your ventilation assessment is accurate and complete.



Ventilation Upgrade Plan
Similar to our bronze service but offering a review of your proposed ventilation solutions which will confirm if they are correct, and if not, suggest amendments that are compliant with PAS2035.

If you are an existing RETROFITcheck customer you will benefit from having access to the new app, and will be able to access the Silver Service free of charge*.


Ventilation Design
A service to produce a compliant ventilation design for the property with specified products and an option to purchase items at a discounted rate.


Comprehensive Package
Similar to our gold offering, but this also includes a physical visit to the site where one of our team will test and commission your ventilation system. This will be completed by an individual registered under the Domestic Ventilation Competent Persons Scheme and includes official documentation that is sent to the householder.

*If you use external sub-contracted surveyors not currently registered with RETROFITcheck, they would need to register separately and pay for this service. One Free Silver Service Ventilation Upgrade Plan to RETROFITcheck customers for every RETROFITCHECK submitted. Additional use beyond this will be billed on a per property basis.

NICEIC CPS Registration Number: NIC12622

Ventilation Design

Do you have competent Retrofit Assessors who can undertake a ventilation assessment? Do you have access to a Retrofit Coordinator who can collate the information and understands Annex C but is not qualified to undertake the design? If so, we can help with our bespoke design service. This can be accessed by signing up to our Gold or Platinum VENTILATIONcheck service.

Or maybe you have a bespoke project that requires a centralised MEV or MVHR system? If you have, we can help provide a tailored design specification and a quote for installation.

What do you receive?
For a lot of properties in retrofit, the right solution is a decentralized MEV system, combined with accurately sized background ventilation that is correctly positioned, installed, tested and commissioned. With our Gold RETROFITcheck service you will receive:

  • An overall specification of the chosen system
  • A schematic which shows the planned location

An install guide sheet for the chosen system will be provided so that your Retrofit Coordinator, Site Manager or Install Supervisor can use it as a check sheet to flag any potential issues back to the Designer – during the installation and most importantly before it’s too late to rectify.

Common failure points
Mechanical ventilation systems are designed to operate under similar conditions to which they were factory tested and rated. As such a competent person is required to fit them, including the wiring of the units to the electricity supply which is then signed off under BS7671. This always needs to be completed by someone that is fully qualified and the work accompanied by the relevant records of compliance with building regulations.

In some cases, the unit installation is electrically sound, but the other elements involved are missing. Examples of common faults that we see in domestic ventilation are:

  • Incorrectly placed fans.
  • Fans installed in wet room areas that are not IP rated for use in that zone.
  • The wrong associated background ventilation provision for that system type.
  • Poorly installed ductwork.
  • Ductwork not insulated in unheated areas leading to condensation and moisture not being expelled from the property.
  • Extract ventilation that is not commissioned and running at factory settings and which are either too high in relation to the background ventilation provision or too low to operate effectively.


PAS2030:2035 requires that any ventilation measures are appropriately commissioned. Building regulations require that they are tested and commissioned by a competent person operating under a CPS or who are qualified to authorise full sign off under Part F of the Building Regulations. Retrofit Solutions Ltd are part of the NICEIC Competent Persons Scheme (CPS) which is recognised in PAS2035. This means that we are able to notify PART F Building Regulations compliant ventilation installations and issue the relevant certificates and documents to you or your customer.

By assigning a competent person registered with NICEIC, most importantly, this enables you to demonstrate compliance with this particular element of PAS2035. The installation will then be registered and a formal confirmation that the system has been correctly commissioned in line with Part F of the Building Regulations will be issued.

What about standalone testing?
Want to find out if the in-situ performance of existing fans is adequate before an upgrade is required? We can offer this service too and are available to answer any questions.