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RETROFITcheck is a simple, user friendly online system providing independent verification of pre-installation building inspections across a range of retrofit measures, by a team of accredited auditors.

The RETROFITcheck service provides peace of mind before the installation process, helping to mitigate risk and safeguard future building integrity.

Building on the success of the popular CAVcheck scheme, our suite of products now also includes IWIcheck, RIRIcheck, UFIcheck, LOFTcheck and EWI check.

In order to improve quality within the industry and ensure the highest standards are upheld, the latest version of PAS 2030 requires that all cavity wall, room in roof and internal wall insulation measures must be accompanied by evidence that the findings of the pre-installation building inspection have been independently checked. This also covers non-ECO installations seeking compliance with PAS2030:2019. RETROFITcheck provides this.

Our user-friendly online platform tracks your submissions and their assessment status allows you to both store and retrieve your quality assured compliance pack. You can share the UniqueReference Number (URN) generated or PDF output with your warranty provider, funder, Retrofit Coordinator or client to reassure them that your plans for their home are designed to meet the current scheme requirements.


The Retrofit Assessor plays a critical role in the retrofit process. They are the person who collects the first set of information about the property which helps determine which energy efficiency measures are to be recommended and installed. They survey and inspect the building to capture any information relevant to the retrofit design, such as the building structure and condition, dimensions, information on its installed building services (heating, lighting, ventilation etc) and identification of any planning constraints.

They also undertake the Ventilation Assessment which is now an integral part of the survey to establish the type and adequacy of the existing ventilation systems and whether they are functional.

Why not let THS conduct your Retrofit Assessment and receive our VENTILATIONcheck Silver Service free of charge?


At Retrofit Solutions we provide a range of Retrofit Coordinator Services (With Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum packages available) This is a new requirement under the publicly available specification PAS2035 – retrofitting dwellings for improved energy efficiency, specification and guidance.

And a mandatory requirement of several key funding streams for domestic energy efficiency, including ECO.

Our Retrofit Coordinators are specialist retrofit project managers that will oversee the assessment of dwellings, the identification, specification and evaluation of energy efficiency measures for installation. They will also provide subsequent monitoring and evaluation.


We have a number of existing services which could immediately help you deliver a stronger Retrofit Coordinator Service and give you added peace of mind that a competent and independent third party has verified your work, or the work of the Retrofit Designer or Installer.

Traditional Buildings

Buildings of traditional construction are defined in PAS 2035 as:

‘Building construction consisting of solid brick or stone external walls, or pre 1919 timber framed external walls with any infill.’

These types of building need additional consideration at both assessment and design stages and require the following:

  • An Assessment of Significance carried out in accordance with the guidance in BS 7913.
  • The assessor to hold the Level 3 award in energy efficiency measures for older and traditional buildings.
  • The designer to be a member of a certification/accreditation building conservation scheme for pathway B where the building is traditionally constructed.
  • A professional member of an organisation and its building conservation scheme at the highest level of certification for Path C properties that are traditional or protected.

At Retrofit Solutions we can supply Retrofit Assessors with the Level 3 qualification and even provide PAS2035 compliant design services for pathway B improvements where the building is traditionally constructed.

As a member of the Sustainable and Traditional Buildings Association we use the very handy and user friendly STBA Guidance Wheel which considers measure interactions and can assist in making responsible retrofit decisions.