Renewables expertise you can count on
for the domestic energy efficiency supply chain.


Domestic heating currently accounts for around 15% of the UK’s carbon emissions. However, if the UK is to achieve Net Zero by 2050, it is critical that the sector undergoes significant change with around 25 million homes heated by fossil fuels. Conversely, only 5% of housing use low carbon heating. A ratio that needs to change if we are to meet the targets set.

The decarbonisation of heat is therefore one of the biggest current priorities for energy policymakers and the domestic energy efficiency retrofit supply chain will play a big part in making this happen.


At Retrofit Solutions we are there for you, working alongside a number of partner organisations to provide B2B services that support the sector and guide you on this journey. Once launched, these services will include:

  • Technical surveys for a range of different measures including; Air and Ground Source Heat Pumps, Solar Thermal and Efficient Electric Storage heaters supported by Photovoltaics (PV).
  • Advice on upgrading fabric energy efficiency measures to enable low carbon solutions such as Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP) with their lower temperature flow rates to be utilised.
  • EV car charger installation and integration with battery storage technology.
  • Project management of domestic renewables programmes at